Time to share the best cup of coffee ever !!

My family and friends know that I LOVEEEE coffee, and one of my dear friends gave me a great Christmas gift this past year…a package of coffee !  WHOOO HOOOO !   Come to find out that the coffee is from her uncle’s business in Minnesota…so trying this coffee was exciting!

Little did I know, I was about to be hooked.   As soon as I took a sip, I noticed something different about this coffee.   It was smooth and delicious, but most of all, it didn’t taste bitter or acidic.   And then, I took a closer look…..

Gene Hicks Gourmet Coffee

Autumn leaves are falling and it’s the season to enjoy the Full Flavored Taste and Aroma of Gene Hicks Gourmet Coffees! Many of you have told me “It’s The Finest Gourmet Coffee” that you have ever found! It is no accident that my Coffee Blends are Full Flavored and Stomach Friendly. My Master Roaster travels the world and selects only the highest elevation Premium Arabica Coffee Beans directly from the plantation farmers. We do not warehouse our coffee. It is roasted, blended and packaged weekly. By using only Premium Arabica Beans with the Award Winning Roasting Process the result is obvious in every Cup Brewed! Enjoy one of my 8 Blends! Choose from Fishing, Campfire, Canoe, Good Morning, Signature, Green Horizons (FTCO), Big Fat Espresso and Sunset (DECAF). 

The coffee was from www.genehickscoffee.com  in Minnesota…and IT IS SPECIALLY BLENDED WITH FRESH BEANS AND STOMACH FRIENDLY !!  How great is that ! 

The price is comparable to gourmet coffees on the shelf in the grocery store…trust me, you will LOVE IT . 

So….exciting news ….. we are so sold on this delicious coffee, that Miss Lucy’s Monograms is now adding a sample pack of GENE HICKS COFFEE – GOOD MORNING BLEND with our STAINLESS INTERIOR TRAVEL CUPS !!!   How fun is that !!! 

Our cups make the nicest gift – and now an even better gift with a sample pack of the best coffee ever !  

You can read about GENE HICKS COFFEE here… and, you can order coffee by the bag or sample pack, too ! 

So….Valentine’s Day is around the corner….looking for the perfect gift for that one you love who loveeeessssss coffee ?  

A Miss Lucy’s Monograms’ Stainless Travel Cup with a sample pack of Gene Hicks Coffee is it !  

Thanks for stopping by !


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